Today projects are commonplace in virtually any industry. And each new project is a new challenge – not only in terms of time, frame and cost, but mainly in terms of respectful and successful cooperation and collaboration among the people involved.

    As an enthusiastic Project Manager, I am always delighted to face these challenges.

    As an experienced Project Manager, this means to me not only to have a strict focus on the target, the cost, and the framework of the particular project but also to integrate the project team in an appreciative way taking the individual strengths and skills of the team members into consideration. As project management is just teamwork!

    As an efficient Project Manager, I apply the relevant project management methods and tools in a flexible and in an agile way to execute the particular project in a target-oriented and successful manner. I am also convinced that integrating a target-focused and effective stakeholder management spirit throughout the project from the launch of the project until its successful completion is a vital element of the entire process.

    As a communicative Project Manager, I know that my core competence - namely target-oriented and respectful communication - in combination with social skills is a convincing tool to lead people respectfully even without any disciplinary authority and both to generate fun in amicable collaboration and to derive pleasure from a project among everybody involved.

    As an international Project Manager, I also love building connections between cultures when it comes to harmonizing collaboration among different cultures and nations: Due to my passion for people from other cultural environments and my own career, I am well aware of the fact that people with different cultural backgrounds come with divers behaviour patterns and differing values, including divergent communication rules.

    As an external Project Manager, I have a neutral view of the Big Picture with all its facets but also of the tiny details. This allows me to act flexibly in an agile way with an “out-of-the-box“ approach.

    As a customer-oriented Project Manager, customer satisfaction enjoys top priority in my professional understanding. Identification with the project and loyalty to the client´s company are the warp and the woof of a collaboration based on trust … this is what I stand for with my personality.


  • Global project management rollout communication
  • Rollout management (focus on communication, stakeholder management)
  • Senior Project Management Office
  • Global project portfolio management
  • General project management (national/international)
  • Governance management
  • Cultural change management
  • Establishing national and international project management offices
  • Deescalation management
  • Project coaching (professional)
  • Coaching of Project Managers (personal)
  • Running trainings in Project Management
  • Running trainings in International Project Management (focus on cross-cultural diversity)
  • Running trainings in Leading as a Project Manager in a matrix organization