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    Cultures cannot simply be described with Do’s and Don’t’s. However, trying to do so is like trying to understand a movie with just a still.

The good news is: Each culture has its own structure and pattern. The bad news is: None of these structures and patterns – except for one – is “made in Germany“.
Outside the German-speaking regions in Europe, people quite usually use English to communicate with each other. Sometimes it is also French or Spanish or another language, depending on the foreign language skills of the protagonists. So a linguistic vehicle is readily available to transport ideas and statements to the other party. This does not mean, however, that people really understand each other. And that´s exactly the point where my cross-cultural trainings start.


To establish optimized international team behaviour, frictionless processes, and robust long-term business relations without “bending“ one party or the other.


To approach the international business world with respect, profound know-how, and empathy – in the absolute knowledge of the fact that we are as “strange“ for another culture as this culture may be for us – in order to tackle divergent culture-borne expectations and to master such challenges.


It works!
In particular recent years have shown that in the course of globalization basic skills and competencies capable of docking with other cultures are more in demand and more imperative than ever. And, like a pair of scales, two pans need to be balanced: pondered insights into one´s own culture and pondered insights into a personally feasible handling options concerning the foreign culture of the “opposing side“. Sounds complicated, but it isn´t.

We are looking forward to sharing our profound experience with you and to preparing your organization to resilient international business ties.


te.ma consulting is anything but standard, it´s refreshingly different.

What is important to us

Individual learning success with a strict focus on practical applicability, learning-by-doing and scientific findings as well as on the basis of reflection and on change of perspective.

Our proven instrument

A practice-proven, well experienced instructor tandem with profound expertise in both economics and psychology, that adresses issues from different perspectives and transmits the insights to the participants in a playful and also learning-intensive manner.


- Cross-cultural trainings on the (inter-)national stage: We are prepared to fly around the world for you (global trainings):
  • Single countries or a combination of countries against the background of the home culture
  • Working life habits, interpretation of values, communication: not every step which looks logical to us is effective from a foreign-culture point of view
  • The difference that makes the difference: finding and internalizing the Do´s and Don´t´s including a transfer of knowledge through case studies and role plays
  • How to accept different interpretations, readings, behaviour patterns, and value anchors
  • Working on individual behaviour options
  • Long-term support on international projects
  • • Conflict prevention and conflict solutions
- Support during assessment/recruiting processes with foreign candidates
- All our trainings can be run in two different languages: German / English