te.ma consulting

A WARM WELCOME TO te.ma consulting

Thank you for visiting my website. I am delighted to give you a warm welcome and to invite you to rummage in the following pages to become curious.

What will you find? You will start on a journey across my business world, across my philosophy and my values, and across my strengths paired with professional competence in the particular fields – basically the ingredients to generate added value for you, for your team(s), and for your organization as soon as we may start our collaboration with you.

Our target is to support you with our services in a tailored and competent way as reliable partners so that your team(s), and thus your organization, can work efficiently, respectfully, and sustainably successfully to achieve the desired results.

All that is closely connected with the motto:
„Social competence is not everything, but no social competence at all is not even anything.“ (roughly quoting Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher)

Please see for yourself.

Kind regards,
Tanja Endres & team